1-Step, Fail Proof Prime Rib Roast Recipe on Rotisserie

Have you ever tried to make a Prime Rib Roast at home? The normal process involves multiple steps and kitchen acrobatics: I would fire up my large cast-iron pan, heat it up to near-smoking, and then wrangle the prime rib roast onto the pan, searing each side. If the roast is extra large and heavy, I’d have to use 2 tongs to lift, rotate and hold the roast. Then transfer the burning-hot seared hunk into a roasting pan (without dropping it) to slow-roast in the oven. While the recipe produces my perfect, steakhouse-quality Prime Rib Roast, it is Cheap Oakleys a multi-step process.

But I now rely on my 1-Step, Fail Proof Prime Rib Roast Recipe, which produces even BETTER results than anything I’ve ever tried.

The solution is to use a rotisserie. We’ve had this Ronco bad boy for about four years. It gets used more often than my oven, because it’s easy to clean, easy to operate (just turn the timer knob) and provides excellent results 100% of the time.

Rotisserie for Prime Rib???

Most people associate rotisserie for chickens, but we use it for lamb roasts, pork tenderloin and prime rib roasts too.

The rotisserie’s turning mechanism ensures the prime rib roast recipe cooks evenly and has a nice crust on all sides, while keeping the center medium to medium-rare. With a built-in timer that automatically shuts off the oven, you are guaranteed perfect prime rib.  The timing is based on the weight of the prime rib.

Standing Prime Rib Roast

What is a rib roast, a.k.a. Standing Rib Roast a.k.a. Prime Rib? It’s basically the same cut as a rib eye steak. But instead of cutting individual steaks, the meat is left uncut and often tied to keep its nice shape during cooking.

This one is from the fine folks at Lobel’s in New York. For the past 60 years, five generations of the Lobel family have run the most well-known meat market in New York. They ship  their exceptional meats nationwide. This is a USDA Prime Dry Aged Rib Roast (they also have Wagyu Prime Dry Aged Rib Roast.) But no Cheap NFL Jerseys need to get all fancy if you don’t want to. Just a nice hunk of rib roast with good marbling. Most rib-eyes have that nice band of fat around what I call the “collar” of the ribeye, which is my #2 favorite part of a ribeye. My #1 favorite part is the BONE (hey, I’m Asian. I like to gnaw and nibble all that juicy meat on the bones to the dismay of my dogs!)

Let’s season this prime rib!

I love rubbing the prime rib with Kansas City Steak Seasoning from Two Snooty Chefs (fun name!)

Fill the pan with wholesale football jerseys some veggies. These veggies will roast along with the prime rib, and we’ll use this to make the Red Wine Au Jus.

Here’s your one-step, fail-proof method

With the rotisserie, this Prime Rib Roast becomes super simple, one-step and fail-proof. Load ‘er up!

Turn it on. 16-18 minutes per pound, depending if you want it rare or medium-rare. We went with 18 minutes per pound. Set the timer on the rotisserie.

The dripping fall conveniently into a pan that I’ve loaded with vegetables. This all gets collected to make the Red Wine Au Jus. Oh, I forgot, I threw in a few sprigs of fresh thyme in there too.

To check doneness, use an instant-read meat thermometer; 125 degrees F for rare; 160 degrees F for well done; insert at thickest part of roast and away from bone

When it’s done, let it rest while you make the Red Wine Au Jus. YUM! Can you smell that? Isn’t this one-step process on the rotisserie so easy?

Red Wine Au Jus

Carefully pour the contents of the pan into a small saucepan.

Pour in 1 cup of good quality red wine (yeah, that was from my wine glass)

1 cup of beef broth.

Pan drippings + Roasted Cheap Jerseys Vegetables + Red Wine + Beef Broth = Red Wine Au Jus.

Let it simmer for 8 minutes.


Cut the Prime Rib Roast

The first step is to cut the bones off.

The bones will then get cut further and all go on MY plate (heehee!)

Then slice the prime rib roast into desired thickness. You can also carve this at the table, if you wish.

Serve with the Red Wine Au Jus.

Big thanks to Lobel’s for sending me a big, fat, USDA Prime Rib Roast. The meat was exceptional, the best we’ve ever had, perfectly aged. We’ve been spoiled now!

A 4-pound roast (with 3 bones) will feed 6 people. Purchase whatever size roast you need, adjust cooking time based on size. Please read the instructions that comes with your rotisserie on how to load the rib roast and cooking times. Our rotisserie instructions were 16-18 minutes per pound.


One bone-in prime rib roast
salt and pepper (or seasoning blend of your choice)
3 carrots, peeled, cut in big chunks
3 stalks celery, cut in big chunks
1 large onion, quartered
several sprigs of thyme
1 cup red wine
1 cup beef broth


Season the rib roast generously on all sides. Load the rib roast onto the rotisserie, with spikes between the bones.

Scatter the carrots, celery, onion and thyme in the roasting tray. Insert roasting tray into rotisserie.

Set rotisserie to cook according to manufacturer’s instructions. Please read the manual and find cooking time chart, as your machine may be different from mine.

When done, let roast rest while you make the Red Wine Au Jus. Pour the contents of the roasting pan into a medium saucepan set on medium-high heat. Add the red wine and beef broth. Simmer on low for 8 minutes, uncovered. Strain and serve with the Prime Rib Roast.

To carve the Prime Rib Roast, first, cut off the bones. Cut each bone apart. Then slice the rib roast into desired thickness.

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